Share the Ride

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When people ride together, our roads do a better job

Ridesharing lets you spend less time in traffic and save money on fuel and parking. Riding together also supports your community by reducing the impact of congestion and air pollution.

Right now, it’s easier than ever to share the ride. Try using Choose Your Way Bellevue’s portal to RideshareOnline to find a carpool or vanpool ridematch. (See our handy “How to Find a Ridematch” infographic for step-by-step instructions.)

Finding ways to ride together is so important that, if you can get five or more people together for a regular commute, your transit agency will provide you a van.

You can check out the resources here to learn more about carpooling, vanpooling and vansharing, or contact us for personalized, expert advice on how to optimize your commute.