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What is Bellevue SchoolPool?

Bellevue SchoolPool is a partnership between the City of Bellevue, Bellevue School District, King County, and TransManage. We encourage families and students to explore sustainable transportation options for their commute to and from school and alleviate congestion at drop-off and pick-up times and locations.

The 2018-2019 program is working with eight Bellevue schools; Cherry Crest Elementary, Enatai Elementary, Lake Hills Elementary, Somerset Elementary, Woodridge Elementary, Puesta del Sol Elementary, Big Picture School, and International School.

We have two programs this school year, one for grades K-5, and a pilot program for teens (6-12). The fall challenge will be similar to past challenges, each elementary student will receive a calendar to track their carpool, walk, bike, or bus trips. The SchoolPool team will collect these calendars and reward both the schools and the students for their participation. So, let’s get moving!

If you'd like more info or transportation help at your school, contact us at


The SchoolPool team is currently working with schools to create networks. Stay tuned!
We also encourage you to try out Pogo, an easy to use smart phone app which matches you with other parents looking to carpool. 

Check out our info sheets on Walking School BusBike Train, and Carpooling. Taking the bus is a great option, too! If you need help or information about King County Metro Transit or Sound Transit buses, let us know.

Student Project Highlight

During our spring challenge, we asked students to use their creativity to share their trips to school with us. Here is a small sample of some of our favorites!

Alexandra, Grade 1
Aishwarya, Grade 4
Alex, Grade 3

Do you know a business that would like to support Bellevue SchoolPool?

Bellevue SchoolPool is seeking businesses to partner with us in providing rewards to participating students. We'd love to talk more about this opportunity to align your business with alternative transportation programs, environmentalism, and health and wellbeing for students and their families. Let's partner!

Thank you to 2017's supporting businesses: