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Sound Transit To Host Open Houses About Bus Rapid Transit On The I-405 Corridor

July 16, 2018

Sound Transit will hold two open houses this week about I-405 BRT, scheduled to begin operating in 2024.

  • Wednesday, July 18, from 6-8 p.m. at the Renton Pavilion Event Center, 233 Burnett Ave. S., Renton
  • Thursday, July 19 from 6-8 p.m. at Kirkland City Hall, 123 5th Ave., Kirkland

The I-405 BRT project will provide fast, frequent and reliable transit service connecting communities along I-5, I-405 and SR 518 from Lynnwood to Burien with a new transit center in South Renton and 11 BRT stations, three of which will include added parking. By providing a better option to sitting in traffic, BRT will help speed up trips.

Community members are invited to learn about the project timeline and how to stay informed; and provide input that will help develop BRT along the I-405 corridor.

Those who aren’t able to attend the open house can provide comments through an online survey at []. The survey will be open through August 1.

During 2018, Sound Transit will consider and evaluate refinements to the representative project approved by voters in 2016 and recommend a proposed project to the Sound Transit Board. The board will then advance the refined project into the conceptual engineering and environmental review phase in 2019. Service is anticipated to start in 2024.

Metro invites transit riders to use new text for departures tool.

From King County Metro: Text for departures is an easy to use free service provided by Metro for use on any mobile device with texting capabilities.

Metro invites transit riders to use our new text for departures tool.

What it is
Text for departures is an easy to use free service provided by Metro for use on any mobile device with texting capabilities.

Whether you are at your stop or headed out the door, you can quickly find the next expected departure time of transit service at your stop.

How to use it
Simply text your transit stop ID to dedicated short code 62550, and in a few seconds you will receive a message letting you know when the next transit service is scheduled at your stop.

Text just the (stop ID) number 1120 to 62550, and you will receive a message letting you know when the next buses are scheduled at the stop located westbound on Pine St between 4th and 3rd avenues (Stop 1120) in downtown Seattle.

Stop IDs
For most Metro service, stop IDs are posted on bus stops.

To see just one route at a stop, enter the Stop ID, a space and the route number. Example: Text 1120 11 to see the next scheduled times for only Route 11 at Stop 1120.

Stop IDs can also be found in Metro’s online Trip Planner, both on the map and in the Next Departures & Stops feature.

What it covers
Stop departure messages include the next scheduled times of routes serving the requested stop, as well as available estimated times, known trip cancelations if any, and ‘Alert!’ notifications if any.

Visit the Text for Departures help page for complete information about stop departure messages.

Included services
Messages about scheduled service are available at stops (stop IDs) that are included in Metro’s Puget Sound Regional Trip Planner.

Estimated - “real time” - departures for Metro service are also provided.

Service disruptions
Known trip cancelations on Metro service are displayed.

Additionally, if there are posted advisories about known service disruptions for Metro routes or stops referenced in a next departures message, there will be an ‘Alert!’ notification in the response text with a link to Metro’s online Alerts & Updates page. Scroll through the Service Advisories table to find information about your route or stop.

Temporary service disruptions that happen in real time are not posted in the Service Advisories table. The text for departure tool can be used in conjunction with Metro’s Transit Alert subscription service. Riders can sign up to receive real time notifications of service disruptions for routes they ride, or they can check for recent notifications for their routes in the RSS feed. Real time updates for non-Metro service may be provided by operators of that service. Check other operators’ websites for their information.

Text HELP to 62550 for complete information.

Free service
Neither an app nor a subscription, Metro’s text for departures tool is a free, request-only service, and will not push unsolicited messages. There are no Metro-associated costs for using it, however, third party message or data charges could apply, depending on a user’s contract with her/his mobile carrier.

No log-ins, sign-ups, downloads or subscriptions are necessary, and the service is available on any mobile device with texting capabilities. Using data and processes already available in our online and app-based Next Departures and Tracker features, texting for departure times makes messages about scheduled and real time next departures of transit service at stops more readily available to a wider range of transit riders.

While response texts are usually delivered in a few seconds, some responses can take longer due to external network or carrier delays.

Thank you for riding and for using Metro’s services.

Construction alert: Bel-Red Station - 7/13/18

Upcoming road closure in BelRed in Bellevue


Starting as early as Monday, July 23, and lasting through early July 2019, contractor crews working for Sound Transit will close Northeast Spring Boulevard for approximately one year. This closure is necessary to facilitate deep trench excavation, wall construction and installation of a culvert supporting the future rail alignment and street improvements.

Map of Northeast Spring Boulevard closure in BelRed.What to expect

  • Northeast Spring Boulevard will be closed 24 hours a day.
  • Northeast Spring Boulevard closure will be in place for a year (recommended detours will be signed and in place).
  • Through traffic will be prohibited.
  • Business access will be maintained.
  • All traffic control plans are reviewed and approved by the City of Bellevue.

For more information

Construction alert: South Bellevue - 7/12/18

  • Nighttime girder installation
  • Weekday construction traffic impacts
  • Night work near I-90
  • Reminder of ongoing closures

Precast concrete girder installation

Crews working to build Sound Transit's East Link project in south Bellevue will begin installing pre-cast concrete girders early next week. Girder installation is scheduled to begin Monday, July 16, and installation will continue Monday-Friday night for approximately two weeks. Precast concrete girders measuring 80-120 feet long and each weighing up to 205,000 pounds will be trucked in and lifted into place using large mobile cranes. Once installed, the girders will serve as the foundation for much of East Link's aerial guideway and station in South Bellevue. Anticipated work hours will be 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. nightly.

Girder installation work area map.

Girder installation work area.

Noise/light: Temporary light plants will be used to illuminate the work area. There will be noise from cranes, lifts, light plants and associated equipment while crews set concrete girders. Vehicles will utilize broadband backup alarms. Crane backup alarms are tonal, but they will be used infrequently.

Sound Transit's contractor is permitted to work expanded hours in the I-90 corridor and adjacent to Bellevue Way Southeast, including 24-hour work in this area. The allowable noise threshold is based on average construction noise produced over each one-hour period. There may be moments during an hour when construction noise exceeds the hourly average, but crews will take measures to stay below the average hourly threshold. Please contact East Link outreach with any feedback on nighttime noise. For after-hours issues that need immediate attention, Sound Transit maintains a 24-hour construction hotline.

For after-hours issues that need immediate attention, Sound Transit maintains a 24-hour construction hotline.

Anticipated girder installation schedule:

July 16-17: Monday-Tuesday (Wednesday morning): I-90

July 18-20: Wednesday-Friday (Saturday morning): South Bellevue Station site

July 23-27: Monday-Friday (Saturday morning): South Bellevue Station site

July 30: Monday (Tuesday morning): South Bellevue Station site

Construction crews will use cranes to place girders between columns

Construction crews will use cranes to place girders between columns.

Weekday construction traffic impacts: Monday, July 16 – Friday, July 19


Monday-Tuesday (Wednesday morning) night closures, 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.: In order to safely install girders for the East Link elevated guideway in south Bellevue, Sound Transit's contractor plans to close the following HOV ramps.

  • Eastbound I-90 to northbound Bellevue Way Southeast HOV ramp (Tuesday night only)
  • Southbound I-405 to westbound I-90 HOV ramp
  • Westbound I-90 HOV lane between Bellevue Way Southeast and the East Channel Bridge

Bellevue Way Southeast

In order to work in the eastside curb lane while maintaining two lanes of traffic in the peak direction (northbound 6-10 a.m. and southbound 2-6 p.m.) crews will use the 'southbound center lane' as a reversible traffic lane. At times, northbound vehicles will travel in what is normally a southbound lane.

Monday-Friday 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.: Work is set to begin on the light rail trench and guideway adjacent to Bellevue Way Southeast, between the South Bellevue Station site and the Wye at 112th Avenue Southeast. Throughout the project, two lanes will be maintained in the peak direction: northbound in the morning and southbound in the afternoon. Sound Transit's contractor will use cones and lane delineators to guide traffic along Bellevue Way Southeast. Please follow the direction of flaggers and signage to safely access your destination. More info on what to expect can be found at the East Link long-term and ongoing closures page.

112th Avenue Southeast

Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.: Daily closures of one northbound lane of 112th Avenue Southeast, between Bellevue Way Southeast and Main Street.

Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.: Daily closures of one southbound lane of 112th Avenue Southeast, between Main Street and Southeast 8th Street.

Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.: As needed, in order to complete utility work and facilitate wall construction, Sound Transit's contractor may close one southbound lane of 112th Avenue Southeast, between Southeast 8th Street and Bellevue Way Southeast.

Reminder of ongoing closures

For information on previously announced long-term and ongoing closures click here.

  • Bellevue Way Southeast reversible lane configuration
  • Sidewalk closures and detours on Bellevue Way Southeast and 112th Avenue Southeast
  • Bellevue Way Southeast to I-90 west HOV ramp 120 day closure
  • Closure of Southeast 15th at 112th Avenue Southeast
  • Winters House and Blueberry Farm Closure and new temporary lot

For more information

24-hour construction hotline: 888-298-2395

Overlay Program Includes Low-cost Bike Lanes

After wrapping up major repaving work on Richards Road left over from last year, the 2018 overlay program is underway in earnest, bringing new asphalt, new bike lanes and new curb ramps.

Work has begun in the Eastgate, Newport and Hilltop neighborhoods; areas targeted for improvements this year are clustered in south and east Bellevue. Work includes:

  • Repaving: This year, approximately 30 lane miles of roadway at 40 locations will be resurfaced. The contract for this year’s overlay improvements totals $6.4 million. Work will continue as long as weather permits or until all the improvements are completed.
  • Bike lanes: Work will include 4.6 miles of improvements to the city’s bicycle network, such as: new, simple bike lanes; enhanced, or “separated” bike lanes; and new pavement markings, called “sharrows.” The enhancements are partially funded by the 2016 Neighborhood Safety, Connectivity and Congestion Levy. It’s anticipated a total of 19 miles of bike lanes will be added citywide in 2018 through a variety of funding sources.
  • Curb ramps: Crews will add or replace 54 curb ramps to improve mobility for people with disabilities.

Prior to beginning overlay work in a neighborhood, crews set up “No Parking” signs. On more heavily traveled streets, electronic message signs will be used to alert drivers about upcoming impacts. During the overlay, workers grind down and remove a layer of old asphalt so new pavement will match the concrete curb and gutter. Next, a paving machine lays down two inches of new asphalt followed by a heavy roller that presses the asphalt into place.

The Overlay program includes a list of 2018 repaving project locations, along with a project map. Information on traffic impacts is available in the city’s Traffic Advisories and Real Time Bellevue Traffic map. For more specific information, contact Teresa Becker, pavement manager, at 425-452-7942 or 

Now in its 32nd year, Bellevue’s overlay program focuses on resurfacing a portion of city streets annually. This strategy avoids the need for a complete roadway replacement, which can cost up to five times more than an overlay. Since 1990, more than 780 lane miles of roadway have been repaired or resurfaced as part of the program. Across the city, there are approximately 1,100 lane miles of asphalt roads.

Published on 07/10/2018

Construction alert: Overlake Village Station - 7/10/18

Girder setting requires ramp and street closures at 148th Avenue NE and SR 520

Girder placement

From Tuesday, July 10 until Saturday morning, July 14, crews working to build Sound Transit’s East Link project will install concrete girders between future elevated guideway columns in Redmond’s Overlake neighborhood. Mobile cranes will be at work along SR 520 at 148th Avenue NE from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. nightly.

Ramp and street closure schedule

Tuesday, July 10 – Wednesday, July 11 - The 148th Street on-ramp to eastbound SR 520 will be closed from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. nightly

Tuesday, July 10 – Friday, July 13 - The eastbound SR 520 exit ramps to 148th Avenue NE will be closed from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. nightly


Wednesday, July 11 – Friday, July 13 - 148th Avenue NE at SR 520 from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Image of girder setting in Overlake

Construction crews will use cranes to place girders between columns

For more information

Long-term reopening of 110th Avenue Northeast scheduled to begin July 9th


Map showing lane reopening in central Bellevue.

On Monday, July 9th, Sound Transit will begin the second phase of the long-term traffic control plan on a portion of 110th Avenue Northeast between Northeast 4th and Northeast 6th streets. The current full closure will reopen providing access to one lane in each direction. The reopening is necessary to build the East Link light rail north tunnel portal near Bellevue City Hall.

Additional, in preparation for the reopening of 110th Avenue Northeast, Sound Transit’s contractor will restripe a portion of 110th Avenue Northeast adjacent to the closure area between Northeast 4th and Northeast 6th streets on Saturday July 7th and Sunday July 8th. Permitted work hours will be Saturday 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. City Center's parking garage access from 110th Avenue Northeast will be closed while work is occurring. Skyline’s parking garage access from 110th Avenue Northeast will be maintained.

Phase 2 (July 9, 2018 – approximately Spring 2019). One lane of traffic in each direction on 110th Avenue Northeast will be reopened in both the northbound and southbound direction. This work is scheduled to last about 10 months.

Phase 3 (approximately Spring 2018 – Winter 2019). Phase 3 again requires a full closure of all lanes on 110th Avenue Northeast in the work area as utilities are reinstalled and the roadway restored.

What to expect

  • Work will occur between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday - Friday.
  • Phase 2 is expected to last for about 10 months.
  • Sidewalks will be closed along the east side of 110th Avenue Northeast adjacent to the work area and on the south side of Northeast 6th Street. A temporary mid-block crosswalk will be added just south of the work area to facilitate pedestrian access across 110th Avenue Northeast.
  • A uniformed police officer will direct traffic as needed.
  • The Bellevue Transit Center will remain open.
  • Access to City Hall visitor parking will be available.
  • Barriers and signage will prohibit vehicles and pedestrians from entering the work zone. Detour signage will be in place.

For more information

24-hour construction hotline: 888-298-2395

ORCA cards now free for seniors, disabled and low-income commuters

Any Puget Sound area seniors (ages 65 and older) or disabled residents who qualify for an ORCA Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) can now get their first card at no charge. The RRFP program, and ORCA LIFT card for income-eligible riders, provide a savings of 45 percent or more on transit fares. 

“Getting a reduced-fare ORCA pass is now easier and more affordable for people who need it most,” said John Resha, King County Metro Assistant General Manager and Chair of the ORCA Joint Board. “We hear every day from customers whose lives have been changed by better access to transit, and we hope this encourages more people who qualify to participate in our reduced-fare programs.”

RRFPs provide riders with reduced fares on services operated by ORCA agencies, including Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit and Washington State Ferries. For more information on getting an RRFP card, visit the agencies’ websites or

An ORCA LIFT card, which is also available at no charge to income-eligible customers, provides  reduced fares on all Sound Transit services, King County Metro buses, Kitsap Transit buses and ferries, King County water taxis and Seattle streetcars. Information is available on the agencies’ websites. 

Both ORCA RRFP and ORCA LIFT users can use their card’s E-purse to load value on the card for one trip at a time or add a pass for unlimited rides for a whole month. While the first RRFP and ORCA LIFT cards are free under the changes that went into effect yesterday, replacing a lost or stolen card will cost the user $3. 

Save the Date: Eastside Business Bike Summit: September 21

Summit Save The Date

The Business Bike Summit is a half day event aimed at employers and property managers who are interested in supporting and encouraging  biking as a viable commute option for their employees and tenants. The format features a keynote speaker, who represents a business that’s leading the way in being bike friendly. Following the keynote are breakout sessions covering encouragement, facilities, leadership buy-in, commute incentives and more. The formal program is followed by plenty of time for networking. This event provides a supportive environment for business representatives to share success stories and learn from each other. 

This event is free, but registration is required