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Share the Ride

Ridesharing makes it easier than ever to leave your car at home. Learn how you can spend less time on the road and less money on fuel and parking, all while reducing traffic and air pollution.



Fill up those passenger seats and scoot over into the HOV lane. It’s carpool time.


Traditional Carpooling:

Odds are there are other commuters whose trips match yours for all or part of the distance. Find them by setting up a free account within our Choose Your Way Bellevue portal to the RideshareOnline regional ridematching service. Learn how to create a ridematch in RideshareOnline with this handy infographic.

Or, talk to your worksite transportation coordinator and they might also be able to help match you with potential carpool mates.


Dynamic Carpooling:

COVID-19 alert: Scoop is still operating during COVID-19. Read the latest on Scoop's website.

Carpool without the commitment of traditional ridematching! Waze, Scoop and iCarpool are live in Bellevue. Many commuters are using dynamic carpooling on a regular basis or as needed on any given day. Learn more under Apps and Technology.


If you can get enough people together to share a commute schedule, transit agencies will provide you with a van to use. (Really!) Now with Vanpool's new three-person minimum policy, you plus two can start a Vanpool!

About Vanpool:

  • Basics – Vanpool is a great way to share the ride with others who have a similar commute to work. These group members remain consistent, and can include co-workers, friends or neighbors. One of the group members drives the van, and the riders meet at a pre-set location or are picked up on the way and typically dropped off at their work location. The program includes everything – van, gas, maintenance, insurance, 24-hour roadside assistance and the emergency ride home program.
  • Flexibility – Enjoy reduced or alternating schedules available to vanpool commuters. Request a free bike rack for your van to combine biking with your vanpool commute.
  • Fares – Cost will vary but may be similar to a monthly transit pass. Check with your Human Resources department for details about your transportation benefits.

Vanpool Guaranteed Ride Home Program Benefits:

An active vanpooler is eligible for up to six emergency rides home per year. These six rides are in addition to any benefits your employer may provide. King County Metro asks if you do have employer-provided benefits, that you exhaust those prior to using your six trips provided by King County Metro. 

Get Started:

To start or join a vanpool, find a ridematch by setting up a free account within our Choose Your Way Bellevue portal to the RideshareOnline regional ridematching service. Learn how to create a ridematch in RideshareOnline with this handy infographic. Or, learn more about vanpooling at King County Metro.

Looking to use Vanpool for free for up to three trips? Fill out this form for the Ticket-2-Ride promotion!

For more information on joining an existing vanpool or starting a new one, click here.

Live or work outside of King County? For commuting to or from Bellevue, you have vanpool options in:

Find a Vanpool seat

Fill in the "Start" and "End" boxes with an address or zip code and click "Search" to see a list of vanpools going your way! You can also click the buttons on the right to see lists of Bellevue vans.

Note: To see origin/destination neighborhood or commercial district, click "View Route."




See a list of all vanpools coming to Bellevue

See a list of all Bellevue vanpools looking for riders


King County Metro’s Vanshare program is like vanpool, but the van must connect to a transit hub. Get five or more people to share a commute to or from a Park & Ride, commuter rail station or ferry terminal and King County Metro will provide a van for a flat monthly rate.


Vanshare Basics:

  • 5-15 people decide on a schedule and share an agency-provided van.
  • Vanshare riders must meet at a transit hub.
  • 20 mile round trip maximum daily commute (10 miles each way)
  • Riders split a flat monthly fare (currently $185; many employers fully or partially subsidize vanshare fares)
  • Fuel, maintenance and insurance are covered.

Vanshare riders are eligible for a reimbursable Guaranteed Ride Home by taxi, so you'll never be stranded in case of suddenly changing plans.

Ridematching and Personalized Commute Assistance

Learn how to find a ridematch using the regional system RideshareOnline through our handy infographic.

Leave the planning to us. Use our Commute Assistance Request form to tell us your schedule and travel route, and we’ll create a customized commute plan for free — no commitment required.

Go to form

Apps and Technology

Citymapper provides real-time transportation arrival times, trip planning, and maps to help you compare modal options for getting from A to B by transit, foot, bicycle, or ride hailing. It even includes times to get to and use the closed available dockless bike share bike. It can save trip information for quick reference and has a “meet me” feature to make sharing directions easy. The app also tracks calories burned, trees preserved, and money saved.

Desktop version also available.

Use Scoop to match with fellow commuters in your neighborhood for morning and evening commute trips. Users split the cost of the trip through the app, with riders paying a small fee and drivers receiving a small reimbursement based on distance. Unlike traditional carpool matching, each trip is scheduled separately, so departure times are flexible and there is no need to commit to a regular schedule. The pool of users includes employees of some Eastside companies through arrangements with Scoop.

Business partnerships available.

Pogo helps you find parents who live nearby and drive to the same places your kids are going. Pogo organizes the details of every ride and syncs with your calendar. You can ride or drive and get reimbursed for the days you drive.

TripBuddy is a carpooling platform that allows riders and drivers alike to fill empty car seats. Rather than operating like traditional rideshare apps, TripBuddy can be used by entire organizations to help their employees carpool more efficiently. The app does all the work of determining routes and who is closest to whom and simply leaves users with the end result of the most optimal coworker to commute to work with.

Business partnerships available.

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No driver’s license — no problem. Carpools and vanpools are a great option for people with disabilities that prevent driving. Get started by setting up a free account within our Choose Your Way Bellevue portal to RideshareOnline, the regional ridematching service. Check out our handy infographic on how to create a ridematch in RideshareOnline.

Ticket-2-Ride forms - Cantonese, Spanish, Vietnamese.