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Share the ride to transit with vanshare

It’s like a vanpool, but the van must connect to a transit hub. Gather five or more people to share a commute to or from a Park & Ride, commuter rail station or ferry terminal. A Vanshare is a great way to close the gap between transit and your workplace or between riders’ residences and a transit hub.

Vanshare basics (King County Metro vanshare program)

  • Vanshare riders must meet at a transit hub
  • 20 mile roundtrip maximum for daily commute (10 miles each way)
  • 5-15 people decide on a schedule and share an agency-provided van. NOTE: King County Metro is currently reducing the requirement to three people and providing additional incentives for new vanshares in the I-90/I-405 corridor. Check here for more details.
  • Riders split a flat monthly fare (currently $185)
    • Many employers subsidize or partially subsidize vanshare fares.
    • If your company has the annual ORCA Passport product, your ORCA card covers 100% of the cost of your van.
  • Fuel, maintenance and insurance are covered.
  • Vanshare riders are eligible for a reimbursable Guaranteed Ride Home by taxi, so you'll never be stranded in case of suddenly changing plans.

How to join a vanshare

  • Look for existing groups through Choose Your Way Bellevue's free online ridematching service
  • Check out King County Metro's Vanshare Riders Wanted list.
  • Contact current drivers to see if they have a seat available; ask to test the vanshare out for a day to see if it's a good fit. You can try it for free with the Ticket to Ride.