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Carpooling makes sense

Share the ride with other commuters to lower the cost of driving and parking. You may also save time by using the HOV lane. 

Finding a Carpool

If you live or work in the Bellevue area, there are probably other commuters whose commute trips match yours for all or part of the distance. There are a number of ways to connect, or "ridematch," with other commuters to form carpools and share the ride.

  • Create an account to use Choose Your Way Bellevue's free, online ridematching service powered by
  •  Check to see if your worksite or school has a bulletin board or online resource for meeting potential carpool mates.
    • New for fall 2016visit the Bellevue SchoolPool pilot program page to see if your child's school is included. The program helps connect families with students in eight participating Bellevue schools to form carpools, walking groups and biking groups.
    • Carpoolers under 18: remember the driver must have an unrestricted license.
  • Dynamic Carpooling: Dynamic carpooling apps, Waze and Scoop, have launched in Bellevue. They join iCarpool as a real-time option for your commute in and out of Bellevue. Learn more about these apps on our Apps and Technology page.

Carpooling Resources