Additional Walking Resources

For a step-by-step guide to establishing a Walk-To-School Program, click here.

Check out our walking event flyer templatestemplate with walking school bus and template without walking school bus.

Create your own walking map with our blank templates. We currently offer templates for the following elementary schools: Ardmore, Lake Hills, Phantom Lake, and Sherwood Forest.

Planning a Walk-to-School Program:

Organizing a walk-to-school program can be fun and rewarding for everyone! Follow these three steps to develop a successful walk-to-school program for your school.

  1. Plan Your Program
    Walk-to-school programs can range from one-day events to programs that last the entire school year and include several different events. Suggested programs/events include information campaigns, regular walking days, special assemblies and walking school buses.
  2. Find Partners
    Try to enlist the help of school officials and community members when facilitating your event. Outside community organizations, such as Cascade Bicycle Club and Feet First, and businesses can provide support and promotional materials.
  3. Promote
    Publicize each event by using flyers, posters, making announcements over the loudspeaker, and by including articles in your school newsletter and/or on your school's website.

For additional information, please contact:

Rebecca Rodni
Neighborhood Traffic Program Administrator
City of Bellevue Transportation Department
(425) 452-6160​

Additional Resources: 

KidsWalk-to-School provides tips on encouraging young children to walk to school safely and in groups.

International Walk to School Month is every October. The idea is for children, parents and community leaders to walk to school together with a purpose -- to promote safety, health, physical activity and concern for the environment. The ultimate goal is to create a more walkable world, community by community. This site also offers an awards program.

Metro Transit School Programs offers free K-12 educational programs, speaker's bureau, field trips and research links.