TMP-Code Services

TMP requirements are imposed as a condition of development permitting. For questions regarding TMP requirements, contact the city's TMP Administrator, Michael Ingram, at 425-452-4166. TransManage (a service of the Bellevue Downtown Association) provides assistance to some Bellevue property owners in meeting TMP requirements. To learn more about this service, contact TransManage at 425-990-3097 or

Transportation Management Programs — Code & Services

To mitigate transportation impacts of development, Bellevue City Codes 14.60.070 and 14.60.080 (click on 14.60) require certain properties to develop Transportation Management Programs, or TMPs, based on the size and land use of the development.

TMP elements may include:

  • Designating a transportation coordinator for the property;
  • Posting and distributing information about commuting by transit, rideshare, foot, bicycle, and other alternatives to driving alone;
  • Providing preferential parking locations to carpools and vanpools;
  • Providing incentives such as transit pass subsidies and reduced-price carpool/vanpool parking to commuters who choose not to drive alone; and
  • Providing low-cost taxi rides home to onsite employee transit riders, carpoolers and vanpoolers who encounter an unexpected need to leave early or stay late owing to illness, home emergency or employer requirement.