Building Options

Building features can support employees’ choice to commute using non-drive-alone modes. Many of the following features can also enhance the appeal of your building for tenants and their employees by strengthening the perceived accessibility of the building, freeing up parking for tenants and visitors and aligning with current practices for low-impact building operation (LEED).


Providing covered bicycle parking, showers, and—ideally—gear lockers and bike lockers or a secure bike cage can make bicycling a viable option for some employees. (Commute distances average 15 miles one way in many areas of Bellevue, so showers are important.) In addition to providing long-term, all-day bike parking in a covered secure area for commuters, it can be useful to provide bike parking near the building entrance to meet the short-term needs of visitors and customers arriving by bicycle.


Positioning a Zipcar at your building can provide tenants with a cost-effective alternative to owning a fleet vehicle and be a convenient option for tenant employees for their personal errands or appointments during the workday.

Free Park Days

Sometimes, employees miss a bus or need to run errands at lunch or after work. Providing a few non-cumulative days of free parking each month can support those employees who have only occasional need to drive. The alternative for those who arrive late or need to leave for mid-day appointments may be hourly parking, which can be costly over the course of a day (those who must do it even a few days each month might soon find monthly parking to be a more cost-effective parking option and give up alternative commuting altogether).

Emergency Ride Home

Give your tenants' employees peace of mind when using alternative modes by providing a low-cost ride home in case of emergencies.

Preferential Parking

Reward those who carpool and vanpool by reserving worksite parking spaces near the front door or the garage elevators. These locations facilitate carpool/vanpool partners meeting in consistent, visible locations and provide a prominent indication to all users that ridesharing is encouraged.

Rideshare — CarpoolVanpool, and VanShare

Maintaining a Commuter Information Center board in a visible common area of the building can be a useful means to promote awareness of opportunities to join vanpools and of available transit options. Help tenants and employees share a ride in a carpool or vanpool by promoting awareness of the computerized ridematching database.