Choose Your Way Bellevue Perks

Choose Your Way Bellevue Perks: our way of saying thanks for choosing a greener way

2016 Perks Logo - 120x120.pngPerks is a small token of our appreciation for choosing to drive alone less. All you have to do to get Perks is log eight days of traveling by bus, bike, walking, carpooling, vanpooling, teleworking or working an alternative work schedule. Learn more about logging trips.

*The Perks program is on hold for January 2018.

On The Move Participants log trips made by bus, bike, carpool, vanpool, walking, teleworking or working an alternative work schedule, on a calendar within the On The Move Bellevue platform. This calendar collects your trip data and lets you know how much you are saving in dollars, gas, CO2 emissions and more. It also tells us when you qualify for Perks and other fun incentives! Accumulating green trips can qualify you for Perks and enter you into drawings.

How to get Perks

1. Log your non-drive-alone trips like taking transit, walking, biking, vanpooling/carpooling, teleworking or working a compressed work week, within the month. Trips need to be logged on the Choose Your Way Bellevue online calendar

2. After logging your trips within the month, you'll be sent a Perk via email in the first week of the following month. 

What kind of Perks can you get? We've had deals from local businesses and restaurants in Bellevue, everything from free items to 50 percent off a meal. Check out our Perks Partners below!

Zipcar's on-going Perk: Join for HALF OFF ($35 vs $70), pay no application fee ($25 savings), and get $15 in driving credit (driving credit is valid for 60 days). Join here.

How can I stay up to date on transportation happenings in and around Bellevue?

Facebook:  Choose your Way Bellevue
Twitter:  @ChooseUrWayBell