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Keep your employees moving

As commuting becomes a more stressful and costly part of an employee’s work day, employers like you are finding ways to assist employees in using transportation modes other than driving alone. Join dozens of other Bellevue employers who offer commute benefit programs to their employees.

Regardless of your size, budget or industry, Choose Your Way Bellevue is here to help you create customized solutions that will positively affect your employees’ commutes. (This program was previously known as "Commute Advantage").

Note: Check out our new Business Commute Options Toolkit, a one-stop, comprehensive resource for setting up your program!

What is a Commute Program?

An employee commute program can help your business manage your benefits and resources, while giving your employees more choices for getting to work. Every company is unique, and the elements of a company's commute program should be customized to its needs and circumstances.

Which companies are eligible to receive assistance? 

Services are available to companies in Bellevue with 5-99 employees at a worksite, as well as larger companies that are not affected by the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) law (companies affected by the CTR law receive assistance through the city’s CTR program).

Want to learn more about or start a Commute Program? 

Step 1: Contact us! As part of the City of Bellevue's Choose Your Way Bellevue programs for managing transportation demand, the expert staff at TransManage (a service of the Bellevue Downtown Association) is here to help you craft a commute program to suit your geographic location, employee characteristics and goals. Email us at or by phone at 425-990-3097 to learn more, ask questions and/or receive a free consultation. You can even fill out a simple form to get started.

Step 2: If possible, designate an Employee Transportation Coordinator to be the point person for managing your program and keeping your employees informed.

Step 3: With our help and resources, you will determine which options or services work best for your company and employees. And we can continue to help you as you implement your program.

Specifically, our consultation and program support services include the following:

  • Review your current employee commute practices and benefits offered;
  • Distribute a digital employee mode share survey to collect data on current commute modes;
  • Identify the commute program options best suited to your company and employees;
  • Recommend a commute program package (including any financial support the city may provide) and assist in its implementation;
  • Provide support and training for the Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards ( administrator's portal for trip-logging and ridematching; and
  • Plan and staff transportation fairs to kick-off a new program or assist in a relocation event.

If you are seeking ongoing program management TransManage can provide assistance for a fee.

Nearly 100 companies in Bellevue are already seeing the positive effects of giving employees commute benefits with the help of Choose Your Way Bellevue. From saving time and money to feeling less stressed, your employees will find many reasons to thank you.

Ready to get started? Contact us at 425-990-3097 or or contact TransManage at

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