Free ORCA Starter Cards

Moving? Get started with Free ORCA Cards

Try transit on us!

Whether your business is new Bellevue; you just moved into or outside of downtown Bellevue; or you are the property manager of a newly opening building in Bellevue, Choose Your Way Bellevue is offering to help bring ORCA transit fare cards to employees at your worksite or building.

While supplies last, we are inviting Bellevue employers and property managers to help their employees try transit by signing up for our free ORCA starter cards. Each ORCA card your business or building receives will come preloaded with $8 in transit funds. The program is designed to put ORCA cards in the hands of employees and provide at least one transit round trip. Your employees can keep the cards and reload them after they use up the $8. Eligible business may receive the following:

  • Up to 25 cards provided without a match, not to exceed the total number of employees (if employer) or tenant employees (if property manager).
  • Up to 50 additional cards provided with matching purchase by employer or property manager.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Employers must be new to Bellevue (citywide) or be making a move from outside Downtown into Downtown or vice versa. Buildings must be newly opening in Bellevue to be eligible.
  • Employers must have at least five employees at their worksite.
  • Employers/property managers must complete the online form.
  • The number of cards issued cannot exceed the number of employees (if employer) or tenant employees (if property manager).
  • Property managers who oversee multiple buildings may be eligible for multiple batches of cards, provided each building meets the size threshold for TMP (Transportation Management Program) requirements in City code (BCC 14.60.070). Note: It is not required that each building be conditioned with TMP requirements, only that it meet or exceed the size thresholds specified in city code, in order for multiple buildings to be eligible.

Limited supplies of $8 ORCA cards may also be available to employers that are expanding or have some other compelling need; if interested, please set up a consulting session with Choose Your Way Bellevue staff to discuss. Contact us at or (425) 990-3097.