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Commuting is becoming a more stressful and costly part of an employee’s work day. As a business leader, one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways you can help your employees save money, as well as help reduce traffic congestion, is to provide an employee commute program that encourages transportation options such as biking, riding a bus, ridesharing (carpool and vanpooling), telework and walking to work.

By adding to your employees' commute options, your business will benefit by:

  • Improving productivity and morale – Employees will come to work more relaxed and ready to work if they do not have to worry about the stresses of traffic, finding a parking spot and increasing gas prices.
  • Attracting and keeping the best employees – The ease and cost of commuting is a key consideration for employees and new hires when assessing a position.
  • Earning federal and state tax breaks – Commute benefits that offer a subsidy to employees can be federal and state business tax deductions.
  • Enhancing your company's image – Customers and clients notice when a company takes action to support employees and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Relieving pressure on parking and traffic congestion – Create more parking spaces for customers/clients and improve mobility on our City streets.

Resources to help your company get started

Are you ready to help your employees with their commutes? Check out the following resources to help you get started:
Commute Program Options - See which program options are available to your company.
Commute Advantage – Free consultation service to help your company develop and implement a commute program. Available to downtown Bellevue companies with 5-99 employees. (Also available to larger companies that may not be affected by the Commute Trip Reduction law.)
Commute Trip Reduction – Resource for companies affected by the Commute Trip Reduction law.
WorkSmart - A King County program that provides workplace strategies to help companies increase employee productivity, improve business continuity and contribute to environmental sustainability, through alternative work options. 
ORCA Business Options – Learn more about employer transit pass programs.
Tax Benefits – Learn about state and federal tax benefits that are available to your company for offering non-drive alone commute options to your employees.  

Employer case studies

Bellevue employers of all sizes, industries and locations see great business benefits from their commute programs. From reduced parking expenses and increased retention to improving their carbon footprints, companies report a great return on their investment. Learn how programs are started and sustained by reading a few of our case studies from around the city. Click here to read case studies for Symetra Financial, The Rainier Group, DCI Engineers, Courtyard by Marriott, Jacobs, LUMEDX Corporation, The Gardens at Town Square, and Washburn Communication.
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Assistance for Employers

The City of Bellevue and its partners help local employers develop and promote their employee transportation programs.

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