Commute Programs

Want to develop a commute program that will stand out from all the rest? Explore our list of program options to see what might work best for your company. Read more about why offering commute options makes good business sense in our employer case studies. If your organization would like assistance to implement or improve its commuting program, we have two providers that can help (see "Providers" below).

Program Options

Transit Pass Programs:  

ORCA Passport – An employer-provided, comprehensive, annual transit pass program that provides all employees at a worksite unlimited access to ride transit, ride in a VanPool or VanShare and receive taxi rides home in case of an emergency. Learn about a 2016 Passport Rebate program here.
ORCA Business Choice – An employer-provided transportation pass program that allows a company to offer multiple transit product options (monthly passes, e-voucher and more) on a single card. 

Incentives and Subsidy Programs: 

Incentive – A reward an employer provides employees who use alternative commute modes. Incentives can be cash, gift cards, prizes, time off, lunches, etc. Learn about a 2016 Employer Commuter Incentive Program here.
Subsidy – An employer helps encourage alternative modes by providing a monetary contribution to an employee’s commute. A subsidy can be in the form of a transit pass, vanpool fare, mileage reimbursement for carpoolers, or covering bicycle commute costs. (This could be offered instead of or in addition to free or subsidized parking that may be currently provided.)

Flexible Scheduling Programs: 

Telework – A work arrangement in which an employee works from home or a work place closer to home in order to eliminate or reduce the distance of a commute trip. Teleworking also offers other benefits such as work/life balance, reduced overhead costs and business continuity in case of emergency or severe weather conditions.
Compressed Work Week – A work schedule in which an employee works fewer but longer days, such as four 10-hour days each week, or 9-hour days with one day off every two weeks eliminating a commute trip.

Parking Management Programs: 

Preferential Parking - Facilitate employees meeting their carpools and reward those who carpool and vanpool by reserving parking spaces near the front door or close to an elevator.
Parking Cash Out - An employer provides commuters who use alternative commute modes with the cash equivalent to the cost of a subsidized parking spot. 

Other Innovative Ideas: 

Home-Free Guarantee - Give your employees peace of mind when using alternative modes by providing a low cost ride home in case of emergencies. Home Free Guarantee is available to any business.
Pre-Tax Commuter Program – A free program for employers to offer that allows employees to save money on transit and vanpools by purchasing fares with a pre-tax payroll deduction. Employer Toolkit – Help facilitate your commute program with resources such as ridematching, trip calendars and incentive distribution through’s new employer toolkit. Our team has training resources available as well as incentives available for you to distribute at your worksite. Learn more.
Carshare – Offer employees who use alternative commute modes access to a car during the day for meetings and errands with a Zipcar business account. Zipcar is a membership-based carshare company that provides car rental to members and companies, billable by the hour or day.

Learn about our 2016 Employer Mini-Grant program here.

Regional Promotions

Raise awareness and reward employees for using non-drive alone commute options throughout the year with these great regional promotions:

Wheel Options

Your employees can win fabulous trips and rewards through Wheel Options! This campaign rewards commuters who are currently using an alternative to drive-alone commuting, and entices other commuters to establish non-drive alone habits. Sometimes employees need encouragement to start using an alternative to drive-alone commuting, as well as reinforcement that their use of a high-occupancy or non-motorized commute makes a difference. Wheel Options is here to do both! 

May is Bike Everywhere Month!

Encourage your employees to improve their health by biking to work during Bike Month. Take the Washington Bikes Bike Everywhere Challenge and support your empoyees by participating in Bike Everywhere Day. During the Bike Everywhere Challenge teams of employees ride to work to encourage one another and become eligible for prizes during the month of May. Bike Everywhere Day is a national celebration in May that encourages riders with support stations, prizes, and often free breakfast bites! Promotions provides occasional region-wide promotions to encourage more employees to sign up for their host of services. Promotions often include drawings for vacations to exciting locations, gift cards, ranging anywhere from $25 to $500 in value! Those who live or work in Bellevue can use through the Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards program.



TransManage, a service of the Bellevue Downtown Association and our local Transportation Management Association, works with Bellevue property managers, and serves as our lead expert consultant on Choose Your Way Bellevue programs. They assist employers with fewer than 100 employees with commute program development and implementation. If your company falls within one of these categories, or if you have any questions regarding transportation program support at your worksite, contact TransManage at 425-990-3097 or by email at

King County Metro Employer Commute Services

King County Metro offers employer services and innovative partnerships to improve commuting programs. Metro's Commute Trip Reduction Services offers a Commute Solutions web site with resources for employers, including those affected by the Commute Trip Reduction law. The site contains information about employee transportation benefits for worksites large and small. Contact Metro's Employer Commute Services at (206) 684-4444 for more information.