Keep Your Employees Moving

As commuting becomes a more stressful and costly part of an employee’s work day, Bellevue employers like you are looking for tools and resources to assist employees in finding transportation options. Regardless of your size, budget or industry, Choose Your Way Bellevue is here to help you create customized solutions that will positively affect your employees’ commutes. (This program was previously known as "Commute Advantage").

Introducing three newly-released Resources for Employers & Property Managers:

  • Mini Grants - Choose Your Way Bellevue has up to $5000 per employer in mini-grant funding available to help support Bellevue employers and property managers in improving their commute trip reduction programs to their Bellevue worksites. The mini-grants will be distributed through a competitive application process.  The mini-grants can be used by employers and property managers in a number of different ways. Learn more about eligibility, program requirements, view a list of project ideas and find an application here.

  • ORCA Passport Rebate - Property Managers and Employers that start a new ORCA Passport Program are eligible for a rebate on ORCA Passport products. Rebates of $50 per pass in the first year and $100 per pass in the second year for up to 100 passes are available to employers and property managers of worksites located within Bellevue city limits. Choose Your Way Bellevue will accept signed ORCA passport agreements signed after 4/1/16 until funds are depleted. Click here for details or contact Choose Your Way Bellevue staff.   
  • Employer Incentive Program - Choose Your Way Bellevue wants to get your workplace moving! Our recently launched employer incentive program encourages non-drive-alone commuting, such as transit, carpooling, biking, walking, vanpooling and telework. We’re offering recurring incentives to employers that encourage employee participation in our ride matching and trip logging incentive program. Learn more and apply here.

Choose Your Way Bellevue can also offer your company:

Free consulting services, provided by the expert staff at TransManage, to help your company develop and implement a commute program for your employees. We will start with the following services:

  • Gather information on current employee commute practices and benefits offered
  • Identify the commute program options best suited for your company
  • Develop a commute program package (including the mini-grants, employer incentives and rebate options above) and assist in its implementation
Consultations are available to companies in Bellevue with 5-99 employees (as well as larger companies that may not be affected by the Commute Trip Reduction law).

Comprehensive information on the following commute program options:

  • Transit fare programs for your employees including ORCA Business Passport & Business Choice
  • Pre-tax commuter benefits
  • Zipcar carsharing business memberships
  • Alternative work options
  • Cashing out employee parking programs to encourage alternative commute modes
  • Telework consulting service through the WorkSmart program
  • Workshops and seminars covering a variety of transportation issues
  • Commute planning for employees
  • Commuter fairs and events
  • Email alerts
  • And much more!
More than 95 companies in Bellevue are already seeing the positive effects of giving employees commute benefits with the help of Choose Your Way Bellevue. From saving time and money to feeling less stressed, your employees will find many reasons to thank you.  
To learn more, or to get started, contact TransManage at 425-990-3097 or

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