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Don't want to drive to work but have a business meeting or doctor's appointment during the day? Becoming a Zipcar member complements nearly any commute option by providing access to a car near your worksite!

Zipcar has more than 275 vehicles - hybrids, pickup trucks, mini cooper convertibles and others - located throughout Seattle and Downtown Bellevue! Reserve vehicles from the comfort of your computer starting around $8.75 per hour, with gas, insurance and a reserved parking spot included.

There are eight Zipcars in Bellevue:

Griffin Parking Lot
NE 8th Street and 110th Avenue NE — 2 cars

Key Bank Building
NE 4th Street and 106th PL NE — 2 cars

Skyline Tower Parking Garage
10900 NE 4th Street — 2 cars

989 Elements Parking Garage
989 111th Avenue NE  — 2 cars

Click here for a map of locations (choose "Bellevue" as the neighborhood).

Individual rates start at $25 for a one-time application fee and hourly rates as low as $7.75/ hour, and discounts for monthly or daily rates. Apply today

Mix & Match Your Commute


Zipcar & On The Move Bellevue promotion

Logo400x200.jpgZipcar, the world’s largest car sharing network, has partnered with On The Move Bellevue to offer all participants an exclusive membership discount to try car sharing as a compliment to your other savvy transportation choices. Zipcar lets approved members access a diverse fleet of cars parked in dedicated spots around the city, with several parked in downtown Bellevue.

Reserve a minute in advance or up to a year via or smartphone for just an hour up to a few days, and then Zip wherever you like before returning it when done. Simply join, book cars for ~$10/hr or ~$75/day and never pay for gas, insurance, or mileage again. Yep, they’re free with every reservation! Find where Zipcars are parked here; then try it out by joining with your exclusive deal. Join for only $6/month (new applicants pay one-time $25 application fee), plus get $10 free driving credit (1 hour) to give it a try! Get the deal here.

Carshare for Business

Based on typical transportation needs, carsharing will generally offer a greater value than parking and mileage reimbursement for most business trips. Additionally, carsharing enables employees to commute using public transit while having access to a cost-effective and convenient fleet of vehicles for errands and appointments.

Zipcar offers business plans that are flexible, letting a company choose the level of contribution they want to make. The company pays an initial setup fee and the discounted hourly rates and annual fees can either be billed to one company card or to the individual drivers.

Zipcar is offering a special discount to Bellevue employers who set up a business account! Employees will enjoy:

  • No application fee (save $25)

  • Half off the annual membership (only $25)

  • Discounted weekday driving rates

Zipcar: A big deal with a small carbon footprint. 

Did you know one Zipcar takes 15 personally owned vehicles off the road?

Help your company make great strides in lowering its carbon emissions. With the special promotion that Zipcar is running for business membership, employees can commute using mass transit and still have a car available during the day. Taking more cars off the road also means less smog for Bellevue and less time with traffic jams (and less cranky co-workers.

Imagine a day when your sales team could commute to work on the bus, pile into a Zipcar and grab lunch, go for a meeting in Downtown Seattle for just $10/ hour and then relax on the bus back home. 

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Go here​ to find taxi service providers in Bellevue.




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