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Choose to ride the bus and leave the driving to the bus driver! If you own a car, riding the bus to work or school is rewarding because it puts less wear and tear on it, you do not have to pay for gas and you can relax during the trip by reading a book or taking a nap. New to riding the bus or taking the bus to a new destination? The links below will make riding the bus a breeze.

Relax and Leave the Driving to Metro or Sound Transit

Find the Metro or Sound Transit Bus You Need

Real-Time Bus Trackers

  • OneBusAway.org – User-friendly real-time bus locator with web, texting and phone options.
  • Metro's Tracker – Online tracking to see when you have to be at your stop.

Trip Planners

King County Metro Trip Planner – Create free custom transit plans on King County Metro (also shows Sound Transit routes).

  • Sound Transit Trip Planner – Create free custome transit plans on Sound Transit (also shows King County Metro routes). 
  • Google Maps – Plan your trip and get the benefit of great maps. Click on "Get Directions,"and choose "By Public Transit" instead of "By Car."
  • Dadnab.com – Use text messaging any time of the day or night to plan your next trip. Save this number in your cell phone!


Bus Fares, Passes and ORCA Cards

Bus Hubs and Key Destinations

Apps and Mobile Tools

  • App Center – Check out these apps that use Metro transit data.

How To...

  • How to ride a Metro bus – Never been on a bus? Check this link out first!
  • How do I put my bike on the bus? – Learn about how to get your bike on the bus with style.
  • Ride the bus if you have a disability – Speak to a King County Metro Access representative directly at 1-800-201-8888.

Transit Agencies

Can't find what you want? Call a Rider Service Representative at Metro (206-553-3000 or TTY 206-684-1739) or Sound Transit (1-888-889-6368, TTY Relay: 711) – they are friendly and very knowledgeable.

RapidRide B Line

Metro's RapidRide B Line travels between the Bellevue and Redmond transit centers. Along the way, it makes limited stops that include Crossroads, the eastern portion of Overlake, the Microsoft campus, and North Redmond. It operates with 10-15 minute service most of the day.

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