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May 08
Is your helmet on right?

Happy Bike to Work Month! If you’re new to bicycle commuter or even a veteran rider, you know there are many different components to a great bike ride: a safe route, nice weather, and tires pumped with just enough air. But there is one important and essential item we all need: a helmet that fits. Often times we take our helmet for granted, but making sure your helmet fits properly can make a huge difference in an accident.

Here are some steps to fit your helmet properly:

  1. Make sure your helmet is snug around your head. It’s not a hat, so it is not something you can just put on. Adjust the fit pads or rings so that your helmet sits on your head leveled and snug. Most helmets come with extra foam fitting pads with a top pad that can be removed or replaced with a thinner pad. Removing this pad will lower the helmet on the head to protect further down the sides of your head. Use thicker pads on the sides if there is still some space.
  2. The next step is to adjust the side straps. After leveling the helmet on your head, adjust the rear (nape) straps, then the front straps to locate the Y fitting where the straps come together. Where the straps come together should fall just under the ear.
  3. Then, adjust the chin strap until it is comfortably snug. If there is a rear stabilizer, adjust that as well.
  4. Now test it: Shake your head vigorously. The helmet shouldn’t move too much. Then push the front of the helmet up and back. If the helmet lifts more than an inch from being level then you must tighten the strap in front of your ear. Second test— reach back and pull up on the back edge. If it moves more than an inch, tighten the nape strap.

Your helmet should be level and feel snug, not too tight, on your head.

Helmet fitting is not easy and it can take a few tries, but it is worth it!

To find out more about helmet fitting, please visit: To find out more about commuting in and around downtown Bellevue visit:

And don’t forget to join us this Friday for Bike Appreciation Day! Downtown Bellevue On The Move staff will be handing out gift cards to people on bicycles throughout the day.