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Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards* is an online trip logging and rewards program. It's Bellevue's portal to the regional trip logging and ridematching platform, RideshareOnline.com.

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Earn Rewards
If you live or work in Bellevue, you can earn rewards by logging non-drive-alone trips. Log eight days of non-drive-alone travel each month to earn a monthly Perk to a local business or restaurant. Logging trips also automatically makes you eligible for regional promotions.

Track your stats
Gas, money and CO2 emissions saved are tracked when you log trips in your online account. Watch the savings pile up!

Find a ride match
Choose Your Way Bellevue also give you access to finding a ride match. Learn more on our Share the Ride page.

* Previously known as "On the Move Bellevue"
You may have access to
another RideshareOnline.com partner account such as: Curb the Congestion, Kirkland Green Trip, Go Redmond, Just One Trip-Community In Motion or Issaquah Salmon Friendly Trips. You may use the same login to participate in Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards. There is no need to create a separate account.

Program Eligibility

Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards is open to anyone whose home or work address is within the official Bellevue city limits. Only trips logged to or from a Bellevue location may count towards rewards and promotions. Please see the map below for eligibility. (Click to enlarge).



Log at least eight days of non-drive-alone travel (that's only an average of two days each week!) to be eligible for the following Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards:

  • Monthly Perks: Earn a monthly coupon to a local restaurant or retailer. Take a look at some of our past Perks.
  • Mover of the MonthOne monthly winner will be featured in our monthly newsletterClick here for instructions.
Regional Rewards
  • Earn $50 for starting a new vanpool in 2016 Learn More
  • Earn $50 for adding a rider to a van; $100 for adding two! Learn More
  • Just One Trip - Community In Motion - Earn a $25 transit reward, a $100 Emergency Ride Home credit and more for reducing your drive along trips and logging your trips for three months! Learn more

All rewards are available only while supplies last.

Connect with us

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Twitter:  @ChooseUrWayBell
Email: info@cywb.org
Phone: 425-990-3097

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