Seattle Squeeze Help for Bellevueites

It is common knowledge around the Puget Sound region that the shutdown of Highway 99 in downtown Seattle is impacting our travel. But you may not know that traffic challenges are expected to continue for the next five years as crews tackle other transportation projects that will affect commuters.

To help workers, residents and students get to and from Bellevue, now and in the future, Choose Your Way Bellevue has added this web page to help Bellevueites learn how to get around during the ongoing Squeeze pain! Read on for everything you need to know as a Bellevue worker or resident to make your travel smoother.

Latest news on the Squeeze

• As of Jan. 11, the Puget Sound region has been experiencing the longest closure of a major highway when WSDOT closed the Alaskan Way Viaduct to complete the work needed to open the SR 99 tunnel three weeks later in early February. Everyone traveling in the region will be impacted. View a fact sheet and stay informed at the Seattle Department of Transportation’s website.

• Additional construction projects over the next five years will be affecting our travel.* Bookmark this page for updates on the latest happenings with the Squeeze with a Bellevue bent!

• Remember, there is a purpose to all this construction! Look forward to a reimagined Seattle waterfront, new light rail lines—including East Link in Bellevue, launching in 2023—as well as a revamped Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle and other improvements.

How Bellevueites will be impacted

• The region’s transportation system is undergoing strain as drivers seek alternate travel routes to Highway 99. Once the new Highway 99 tunnel opens in February, travel patterns will be shifted due to fewer access points to and from downtown Seattle as compared to the viaduct. Many Bellevue commuters travel to or come from Seattle and affected by Highway 99 changes and other upcoming public and private construction projects that will be impacting Seattle…

• …and Bellevue as well! The city’s Access Bellevue initiative keeps the public informed about East Link light rail and surrounding construction occurring in Bellevue over the next several years. Find more information about Bellevue construction and sign up for alerts on the City of Bellevue website.

What you can do

• Check out the Choose Your Way Bellevue travel mode links above for how-to information on riding the bus, carpooling, vanpooling, walking, biking and telework! Every trip not taken by driving alone helps make more efficient use of the limited roadway capacity during the Squeeze.

How Choose Your Way Bellevue can help you do that

• Coming soon: A redesigned Choose Your Way Bellevue website will be coming your way in early February to make it easier than ever to learn about your transportation options!

• Fill out a Commute Inquiry form and we can provide you free, customized assistance to help you try out a mode other than solo driving!

• Find out about King County Metro rewards and incentives to help you start or join vanpool! Check out our step-by-step infographic to help you find a carpool or vanpool ridematch.

• Log your trips and get rewarded! Monthly Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards include 25 win $25 and $100 Mover of the Month. Get started on our Rewards page. King County Metro’s Just One Trip program provides additional rewards for getting your vehicle off the road!

• If you live or work near Eastgate, there is a solution to your “first/last mile” connection to transit! Try King County Metro’s app-based on-demand Ride2 service.

• Here’s a new solution: day-to-day carpooling, no permanent ridematch required, through Scoop or Waze Carpool. King County is piloting these services with a discounted rate! Scroll to “Find your Match” on the King County Metro website.

• Get rewarded for biking in Bellevue! Share a photo and receive a Choose Your Way Bellevue backpack with biking goodies. Learn more here.

• Coming soon: Stay tuned for a future Choose Your Way Bellevue discount on bike share in Bellevue!

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*Upcoming Seattle transportation construction impacts include buses moving out of the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel, impacting Bellevue route 550; Downtown Seattle Convention Center construction; East Link Construction impacts in Seattle, Mercer Island, Bellevue and Redmond; and Highway SR 520 “Rest of the West” construction including a redesigned interchange at Montlake Boulevard.