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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How do I sign up? Fill out this online enrollment form to get signed up for the Choose Your Way Bellevue SchoolPool network (

How do I login? After you've filled out the online enrollment form, go to and click the green tab in the upper right hand corner to enter the login name and password you were sent.

Alternatively, go to and enter your login details.

It seems like you are asking for a lot of information. What are we required to provide? This program does ask for some personal information, but we'd like to remind you that the site is secure and it is optional to participate in this program. In order to complete SchoolPool registration, we need the following information for a successful registration: Parent's first and last name, email, phone number, home address, and child grade. The rest of the information in the survey is optional but the more information you can provide, the more successful your matches may be.

How do I find ride matches? After you log in, click on the 'Ride Match' tab and select 'SchoolPool' from the dropdown menu. You should see your school(s) listed on this screen.

If you'd like to add another trip, simply press the 'Add SchoolPool Trip' button and enter your information.

Click the 'Find Matches' link to see the details of your matches and a map outlining their route. If your match's contact details are visible you can contact them directly, or by sending them a message through the system.

What happens if I don't have any ride matches? If you are not matched, consider unchecking "Check this box if trip times should match", or adjusting your details and trying again. If you are having trouble finding matches, feel free to email

What if my child's schedule/after school care location varies throughout the week? In your profile you will be able to customize what days and times you and your child are able to participate. You can also set up multiple trips to accommodate for a variable schedule.

If I don't want to be a carpool driver, can my child still participate? Absolutely! We encourage you to sign up to see what your options are and what parents might be driving right by your house on their way to drop their child at school. There is also the option of forming a biking and walking group if that works for your schedule and proximity to school.

If I sign up, am I obliged to join a carpool? No, it is your choice whether or not you participate in a carpool, walk or bike group for your child. You may sign up just to see what options are available to you and then make the decision that works best for your family. We do encourage you to meet with your match and exchange information and ensure you are comfortable with your arrangement. of events.

What happens if I'm sick, late, or have an emergency? Each ride match is responsible for sharing contact information with each other and having a plan for these types of events.

What if the carpool just isn't working out? There is no obligation to continue a carpool, biking or walking group for the duration of the school year. Just update your online profile or discontinue your search for SchoolPool ride matches within your account. If you need help with this step, contact us at  

Tips and friendly program reminders (some tips borrowed)

  • Get acquainted with the other parents. Make plans to meet in person before getting started.
  • Make a list of rules for drivers. Safety is key.
  • Agree on a list of rules for the kids, too. Seatbelts are a must, as is good behavior.
  • Decide in advance how your group will handle illness, stragglers or misbehaviors. Have a contingency plan in place.
  • Establish a check-in routine so the non-driving parents know their kid made it to their destination on time.
  • Keep communication open. Consider group texts, a private Facebook group or an email system so everyone stays in the loop as changes occur.
  • Avoid rotating schedules if possible. Assign everyone a schedule and stick with it, so holidays or other events don't throw off the system.
  • Choose Your Way Bellevue and the Bellevue School District assume no responsibility and liability and do not run background checks, confirm valid drivers' licenses or assess insurance coverage on participants in ridematching programs. Potential users are advised to screen participants to their personal satisfaction and to check their own insurance coverage for carpooling, vanpooling and vanshare to assure they are covered under these voluntary arrangements.
  • No drivers, vehicles or insurance are provided.
  • Families or individuals receiving a match are not obligated to participate and may keep the information as a reference.
  • Families or individuals will need to take the initiative to contact others to make their arrangements for carpool, walk or bike groups.

How long will the pilot program last? The pilot program is anticipated to be active throughout the 2016-2017 school year. Depending on family response and ridematches formed during the pilot, the program may be modified, extended at participating pilot schools and extended to new schools in the 2017-2018 school year.

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Or contact:
Rebecca Rodni, City of Bellevue Neighborhood Traffic Safety Services
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